DTG Printing F.A.Q’s

What is Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing?

DTG Printing is a newer technology that enables high-quality printing of digital files onto a range of apparel.
Being a newer technology, it does have its shortcomings, however it also packs a punch when printing Full-Colour images onto garments in a matter of minutes.

We harness the Brother GTX DTG Printer to do all of our printing, which uses Innobella water-based pigment inks are also Oeko-Tex® certified and CPSIA compliant.


Pros/Cons of DTG Printing?

1. Easily achieves Full-Colour images without additional costs
2. Great for small runs (< 100)
3. Extremely high resolution prints
4. Perfect for photos and highly detailed artwork

1. Longer print time
2. Not ideal for bulk orders (> 200)
3. As DTG uses waterbased inks, the print is not as durable as Screen Printing
4. Only available on 100% Cotton, and up to 40% Polyester blends (~60% Cotton)


How good is washability?

We use the Brother GTX DTG Printer which uses Inobella waterbased inks which scored a 4.0 in every AATCC test which guarantees a durable print for up to 50 washes (providing all garment washing instructions are adhered to).


What can you DTG onto?

Anything that we can fit onto our platen and adheres to our minimum 60% Cotton requirement should be able to be printed.

If you have a question regarding a particular item and whether or not we could print on it, email or call our friendly team and we’ll be able to help you out.


What is your maximum print size for DTG?

Our maximum print size for DTG Printing is 350mm (w) x 400mm (h).