Digital Heat Transfer Vinyl F.A.Q’s

What are Digital Heat Transfers?

Digital Heat Transfer Vinyl is a similar concept to Iron-On Transfers. We use high-quality vinyl, coupled with high-resolution digitally printed transfers that use a specially formulated adhesive to ensure high durability for years to come.

Pros/Cons of Digital Heat Transfers?

– Great for items that are hard to decorate via other print methods
– Available on almost any material
– Can be applied yourself with a Heat Press (we provide instructions)

– Very detailed artwork will need a contour (LINK). This includes small text.
– Although our vinyl is only 90µm thick, a large print will feel heavy on the garment. So we don’t advise this for large prints on the garment.
– Ironing the print will destroy it almost instantly.

What can you apply Digital Heat Transfers onto?

The greatest part of our Digital Heat Transfer Vinyl is the wide variety of garments, apparel and accessories we can apply it onto.

There’s almost no limitation in terms of what we can apply onto, from T-Shirts to Backpacks, to Leather Compendiums.
If you have a question regarding a particular item and whether or not we could print on it, email or call our friendly team and we’ll be able to help you out.